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First published in China automobile export enterprise credit rating

In the ministry of commerce and industry association credit office of the state-owned assets supervision and contact the office, under the guidance of China automobile association recently released several of China''''s automobile export enterprise credit evaluation results, and for chery, cobolli gigli, one of the first 20 enterprises issued the export enterprise credit evaluation certificate. This is the first time China''''s automobile industry through the construction of credit system of ways to develop industry self-regulation.


According to introducing, this the list of the 18 home AAA grade enterprise were chery automobile Co., LTD, zhejiang geely holding group Co., LTD, greatwall motors stock Co., LTD, areas industrial (group) Co., ltd., byd (002594, shares it) auto Co., LTD, anhui jianghuai automobile (600418, shares it) Co., LTD, zhengzhou YuTong bus (600066, shares it) Co., LTD, xiamen golden dragon united auto industry Co., LTD, futian car (600166, shares it) Co., LTD, anhui echoo automobile Co., LTD, Beijing fukuda international trade Co., LTD, shaanxi heavy automobile import &export Co., LTD, Shanghai paolong car technology Co., LTD, is xing wheel group Co., LTD., zhejiang wing Luke suspension parts Co., LTD, zhejiang in the industry Co., LTD, xiamen zuellig machinery industry Co., LTD, fuzhou major all the auto parts Co., LTD. This evaluation elected the AA level enterprise two, respectively is the transmission of taizhou Kerr Co., LTD, fujian taihua traffic equipment Co., LTD.


According to information, the credit evaluation index system of automobile export enterprise''''s main international quality management, international development degree and international financial status, international management status, international credit record, major negative impact international events six aspects of the evaluation, and the establishment of the 38 breakdown index. ZhongQi association will be based on pilot gradually extended to the domestic auto, motorcycle parts and such enterprise.


ZhongQi association executive vice-president and secretary general of DongYang expressed hope that through the credit evaluation work in the industry establish export enterprise working platform for future export enterprises improve their management level, strengthen self-discipline, sets up the international image of China''''s automobile brand explore a new way.


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