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Japanese auto industry facing parts shortage in the second half

Beijing time on 29 August morning, the nikkei news published on "Japan automobile industry for the second half of the fiscal year will face parts shortage problem", the full text is as follows:


Japan''''s domestic auto industry giants plan and a half in the next fiscal year (in October 2011 in March 2012) expand the scale of production, analysts think the enterprise will face tires and other parts supply problems. Large tyre manufacturers Bridgestone (Bridgestone) expected, the company is now get new car tires order of face a 5% production gap, equivalent to about 500000. Therefore bridgestone in Japan domestic 7 factories now 24 hours for production. In addition, the use of bumper resins are also facing insufficient fabric. Auto industry is likely to increase the number of spare parts imported from overseas, and continue to promote production overseas transfer to the strategy.


Toyota and other six Japanese passenger car manufacturers because of the influence of the earthquake by Japan in the first half of the fiscal year was forced to cut production, can be recovered in the supply chain, in succession plan make production was the last fiscal year yield about in the same period. Because they are the Japanese efforts to increase production, and the related spare parts, raw materials, factory production also plans to increase production.

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